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R. DUTTER, A.H. EL-SHAARAWI, and R. VIERTL: Editorial5
V.G. DOVÌ: Dynamic Error-in-variables Models7
A. FASSÒ: One-sided Multivariate Testing and Environmental Monitoring17
D. HIRST: Estimating Trends in Stream Water Quality with a Time-varying Flow Relationship39
Z. KHALIL, M.A. EL-SAIDI, and F. TRIANTAFILLOU:   Estimation of the Parameters in the Double-periodic Model49
R.J. KULPERGER: Higher Order Cumulants and Inference for a Class of Filtered Poisson Processes59
S. LANGDELL and J. MASON: Modelling Sewerage Systems with an Artificial Neural Network73
W.A. LINK and J.R. SAUER: Estimating Relative Abundance From Count Data83
K. SCHRAMM-NIELSEN, J. MERRY, B.A. NYELAND, N.H. SPLIID, and H. SPLIID: Performance Evaluation of Ground Water Reference Material by Statistical Methods99
E.O. VOIT: Canonical Modelling: A Link Between Environmental Models and Statistics109

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Rudolf Dutter