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Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Peter Filzmoser

Department of Statistics and Probability Theory
Vienna University of Technology


Statistics is like a puzzle: you must put the right things together.

Statistical Data Analysis Explained. Applied Environmental Statistics with R
(C. Reimann, P. Filzmoser, R.G. Garrett, R. Dutter), Wiley, Chichester, 2008. ISBN: 9781420059472.
Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics
by Kurt Varmuza and Peter Filzmoser, Taylor & Francis - CRC-Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-470-98581-6.

Some interesting conferences and workshops:
GeoMap Workshop, June 17-20, 2014, Olomouc, Czech Republic.
International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS 2014), August 10-15, 2014, Halle, Germany.
International Conference on Computational Statistics (Compstat 2014), August 19-22, 2014, Geneva, Switzerland.
International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS 2015), January 12-16, 2015, Kolkata, India.

Statistics can be faszinating:
A video by lecturer Hans Rosling played on the British Broadcasting Corp. and more at The Joy of Stats
"I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians"


My research interests include Robust Statistics, Multivariate Analysis, Compositional Data Analysis, Geostatistics, and many more.
Here is my complete CV.

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Past organized scientific events:
IASC-ERS Summer School on R, Sep 23-27, 2013, Vorau, Austria.
Workshop on Compositional Data Analysis (CoDaWork 2013), June 3-7, 2013, Vorau, Austria.
Statistische Woche / Statistical Week 2012 in Vienna, Austria (Sep 18-21, 2012). 520 participants!
Workshop on Robustness for High-dimensional Data (RobHD 2004) in Vorau, Austria (May 5-8, 2004).
International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS 2001) in Vorau, Austria (July 23-27, 2001).


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Klassifikation und Diskriminanzanalyse (107.386)

Multivariate Statistik (107.388, 107.391)

Robuste Statistik (107.337)