Do not deny the benefits of (free and) open-source software such as R, LaTeX, Eclipse, Linux, svn, Gtk+, MySQL, C++, etc.. Please, avoid to send me any ugly .doc or .xls files or similar (prohibited) formats – I will not read them.

Developed Software


R package robCompositions (Robust Multivariate Methods for Compositional Data, available on CRAN , Package source , Research Report , Proceedings , Presentation . Co-authors: Karel Hron and Peter Filzmoser.
R package sdcMicro for the generation of scientific- and public-use files, available on CRAN , Package source. See also VIGNETTE , and PUBLICATION . Basic functionalities is also provided by a graphical user interface as well ( PUBLICATION GUI ). Thanks to Bernhard Meindl for various contributions.
R package TGUICore and TGUITeaching (together with Gerlinde Dinges, Alexander Kowarik and Bernhard Meindl) PUBLICATION (in german). They include a GUI for interactive teaching purposes. The packages are again available on CRAN: TGUICore , TGUITeaching. The first one inludes the core functionality for interactive teaching and the latter one is a prototyp.
R package VIM (Visualisation and Imputation of Missing Values, together with Andreas Alfons), available on CRAN , also includes a GUI for analysing the structure of missing values. Package source , Research Report.

R package sparkTable (maintainers: Alexander Kowarik and Bernhard Meindl) for the generation of graphical tables and checkerplots, available on CRAN . Package source.
R package laeken (maintainer: Andreas Alfons) for the estimation of indicators from complex surveys, available on CRAN . Package source.
R package clustTool for clustering spatial data (with GUI), available on CRAN . Package source.
R package disclosure for secondary cell suppression of (hierarchical) marginal tables. See package sdcTable of my colleague Bernhard Meindl for a more sophisticated version. Package source.

Please, use always the latest version of the packages and send possible problems to . Please, send also an e-mail if you are interested in joint development of one of these packages – you are welcome.

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